Buying a gift from Oxfam Unwrapped is a fantastic way to show someone that you care about them and the world around you. Your gift will help to directly fund some of the poorest and neediest people on the planet with a present that will make all the difference.

You can also buy a range of cards, wrapping paper and gifts from the Oxfam Shop.

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Oxfam has a vision of a world where there is no poverty. It seeks to create a planet where all people are valued and treated equally.

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The money you spend at the Oxfam shop can be used for anything from responding to an earthquake in Asia or ensuring people living in regions stricken by famine get access to food and water. Whatever the case, you will be helping a worthy organisation receive the funding it needs.

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Even the smallest gift that you purchase from the Oxfam Shop matters. So if you want to make someone’s day by buying them a gift from the Oxfam Shop, go ahead and do so. We’re sure they will be thrilled that the money you spent on them is going towards a good cause and helping to fund projects worldwide.

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Your charity gift is a great way to help someone who needs it. Your donation could mean someone who is struggling gets access to clean drinking water, or that a student who cannot afford it, receives the textbooks they need. Whatever the case, your donation could help provide life-changing opportunities.

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About Oxfam

Oxfam is a global confederation of 18 national organisations that work with local partners and communities in more than 90 countries. Poverty is an international problem with nearly a third of the people on the planet living in such a condition. Oxfam works tirelessly to change that statistic by mobilising the power of the individual in the fight against poverty.

All over the world, Oxfam is seeking out innovative ways to help people to lift themselves out of a condition of being desperately poor. Oxfam works to provide developmental assistance and is also there to help when a crisis such as an earthquake or cyclone strikes.

A grand vision for the world

Oxfam has a vision of a world where there is no poverty. It seeks to create a planet where all people are valued and treated equally. This means people get to enjoy their rights as full citizens and have the ability to influence the decisions which affect their lives. Oxfam wants to produce lasting solutions to the injustice of poverty. The organisation prides itself on being part of a global movement for change, one which empowers people to work towards a future that is equitable, secure and most importantly free from poverty.

Oxfam is not only a global leader in the delivery in emergency relief, but the organisation also implements long term development programs in communities that are most vulnerable. The agency also participates in the global movement campaigning to put an end to unfair trade rules as well as combating climate change and demanding better education and health services for all.


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By Oxfam East AfricaAn Oxfam member of staff helps to carry one family’s newly received non-food items home in UN House, Juba, CC BY 2.0, Link
By Oxfam East Africa3. Saving lives – now and in the future, CC BY 2.0, Link