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The National Trust Gift Shop has a wide range of interesting and innovative charity gifts. All profits go towards maintaining some of the UK’s most historic monuments and houses as well as the countryside and coastlines.

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The National Trust works to preserve and protect historic places and spaces - forever, for everyone.
The National Trust

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Help preserve heritage sites

If you believe in the work that the National Trust does in preserving the UK’s most important heritage sites, then you should make a donation or purchase an annual membership. Not only will you be helping keep the country’s heritage sites protected but you will get free entry to all National Trust sites and free parking with your annual membership.

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Be a part of something bigger

Join with 4.5 million other people in becoming a member of the National Trust. The money you are donating may seem small but when it is put together with the millions of other people who are all contributing it becomes something much bigger.

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A great gift idea

A National Trust Membership would make for a special gift idea for someone. If you know someone who loves nature then either buying them a membership or one of the gifts from the online shop is bound to make them happy. Not only will the money you have spent on them go towards a good cause, but the gift you have given will be unforgettable.


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The National Trust

Registered UK Charity Number: 205846

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About The National Trust

The National Trust is a charity that was founded by thee people in 1895. These three individuals saw how important it is to preserve the UK’s great heritage of open spaces so that everyone can enjoy them. More than a century later these ideals are still central to everything the National Trust does. The charity continues to look after many special places located throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The National Trust depends on the income it earns from membership fees, donations, and legacies as well as the income the charity earns from its commercial operations. The National Trust is the largest membership organisation in the UK and is one of the country’s largest charities.

National Trust Membership

A National Trust Membership is the perfect way to enjoy some of the amazing historic houses, beautiful gardens and parks our country has to offer. Once purchased, you can enjoy unlimited entry to any of The National Trust’s 300 historic houses, 700 miles of coastline and over 600,000 acres of countryside. The National Trust is Britain’s largest conservation charity, helping to keep our most prestigious and historic sites well maintained for future generations to enjoy.

Making sure special sites are protected

The National Trust has more than 4.5 million members and an astonishing 62,000 people volunteer. Over 20 million people have visited the organisations pay entry properties while it is estimated that more than 100 million people have visited the National Trust’s open-air properties.

The National Trust protects as many as 350 historic houses, ancient monuments, and gardens, making them available to the general public. The National Trust also takes care of forests, farmland, beaches, moorland, and many other important sites of interest. Many of these sites are owned outright making the National Trust one of the largest landowners in the UK, as a result, most of the sites are open to the public free of charge.