Four Reasons Why You Should Sign Up For A National Trust Today

National Trust

By now you probably are aware that a membership of the National Trust helps special spaces stay that way, but what exactly that mean? If you having been thinking of signing up for a membership but aren’t completely convinced we have put together a list of four reasons why you should become a member of the National Trust. Without further ado here goes:

Save some very important rock pools

Your membership will help the National Trust protect as much as 755 miles of coastline. This means the beaches you visited as a child where you probably had a few picnics underneath the shadow of an umbrella, or the cliffs you walked along during a windy day will still be enjoyed for many more generations. It is difficult to keep coastline special but your membership will enable the National Trust keep them open and accessible to all.

Connect children to nature

Your membership will help kids discovery how much fun it can be to go on a natural adventure in special places. Members of the National Trust have helped the organisation put together a list of 50 things children should do before the reach 11 ¾. This means when you visit places taken care of by the National Trust you will probably see children building dens in the woods or enjoying hot chocolate by a campfire. Whatever they get up to a membership to the National Trust will ensure our children will be inspired by the outdoors

Keep a very, very old man happy

The ‘Old Man’ oak tree at Calke Abbey in Derbyshire is 1,200 years old but he is still a thing of beauty. He used to be part of Sherwood Forest which has since disappeared, nevertheless this Old Man continues to exist. Your annual membership will help to keep the Old Man protected and allow him to remain in the public eye hopefully for another 1,200 years to come

Get up close to our ancestors

Your membership fee will be used for a number of activities ranging from excavating an Iron Age savings fund hidden away in a cave, uncovering Roman mosaics in Gloucestershire that were created during the fourth century. The Trust also helps bring people closer to footprints made by cavemen. There is so much the National Trust does to bring its members closer to our ancestors that how could you refuse a membership?
So there it is, just four of the reasons you can help the National Trust do by signing up for a membership.  If you would like to play a part in what the organisation does you should start your membership today.
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