Adopt a Jaguar
Adopt a Jaguar

Adopt a Jaguar

from £3.00/mth
What you get
  • Soft Toy – your own cuddly toy jaguar to keep at home
  • Adoption Pack, including a personalised certificate, animal story, fact sheet and glossy photo to display.
  • Adopt Magazine – a copy of Born Free’s bi-annual Adopt magazine with exclusive updates.
Gift description

Jaguars are South America’s largest wild cat, living in rainforest and wetland regions. They are opportunistic hunters with a wide range of prey – they have even been known to track and kill caiman!

They are under threat from deforestation, forcing them to come in to contact with humans. Often this leads to retaliation killings of the cats as they are a threat to livestock. The ICUN has published that there has been a 20-25% decline in the last three generations. As well as loss of habitat, poaching is also an issue, as there is high demand for jaguar fur, teeth, paws and bones within the illegal animal trade.

Adoption funds through Born Free will go towards Jaguars in the Fringe, a project working to protect jaguars in the Yungas, a narrow band of forest stretching from the Andes to northern Argentina.

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