Adopt a Leopard
Adopt a Leopard

Adopt a Leopard

from £3.00/mth
What you get
  • Soft Toy – your own cuddly toy leopard to keep at home
  • Adoption Pack, including a personalised certificate, animal story, fact sheet and glossy photo to display.
  • Adopt Magazine – a copy of Born Free’s bi-annual Adopt magazine with exclusive updates.
Gift description

Although these beautiful creatures can be found across Africa, Asia, India and China, their numbers are in decline due to habitat loss, the illegal wildlife trade, trophy hunting and loss of prey.

According to the IUCN some of the Asian sub species are listed as endangered or critically endangered. They have published that there has been a 30% decline in recent years.

Funds from your adoption will help care for rescued leopards at Born Free’s big cat sanctuary in Shamwari Private Game Reserve, South Africa. Freed from zoos, and other captive facilities, this sanctuary offers a natural environment where leopards can live out their lives free from harm.

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Born Free supports conservation, education and community engagement with regards to protecting animals and their natural habitats. They want a future where animals can thrive in the wild. To achieve this they need your help.
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