Adopt a Lion
Adopt a Lion

Adopt a Lion

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What you get
  • Cuddly lion toy.
  • Adoption Pack, including a personalised certificate, animal story, fact sheet and glossy photo to display.
  • “Adopt” Magazine delivered bi-annually with exclusive updates from Born Free.
Gift description

Wild lion populations face the risk of extinction from numerous threats including habitat loss, and human encroachment leading to killings to protect livestock. However, this isn’t the only issue lion populations face. In some countries it is still legal to shoot lions for sport, leading to a growing wave of hunting facilities in South Africa where lions are reared for release into confined areas to be shot by trophy hunters.

Funds from your Born Free adoption will help care for rescued lions that have been saved from appalling captive conditions. Your money will also support a series of conservation projects to reduce conflict with humans, monitor populations and protect lions in the wild in Kenya.

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