Adopt an Ethiopian Wolf
Adopt an Ethiopian Wolf

Adopt an Ethiopian Wolf

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What you get
  • Soft Toy – your own cuddly toy wolf to keep at home
  • Adoption Pack – including a personalised certificate, animal story, fact sheet and glossy photo to display.
  • Adopt Magazine – a copy of Born Free’s bi-annual Adopt magazine with exclusive updates.
Gift description

The beautiful Ethiopian Wolf is classified as endangered by the IUCN, with as few as 500 thought to remain. Their natural habitat is the Ethiopian Highlands, but their habitat is under threat from high altitude farming. Disease, such as rabies, also plays a big part in their decline. Their numbers are thought to have fallen by 20% over the past 8 years.

Adoption funds go towards the only initiative focused on protection and long term conservation of the wolves. The Born Free-supported Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme (EWCP) works to protect the remaining wolves in the wild through a series of projects including monitoring population numbers, promoting the message of disease prevention via community education, and training local people to counteract the threats.

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