Adopt an Orca
Adopt an Orca

Adopt an Orca

from £3.00/mth
What you get
  • Your own cuddly toy orca.
  • Adoption Pack, including a personalised certificate, animal story, fact sheet and glossy photo to display.
  • “Adopt” Magazine delivered bi-annually with exclusive updates from Born Free.
Gift description

Orcas are highly intelligent and very social creatures. They are the largest member of the dolphin family and can weigh up to 6 tonnes and grow to 9 meters. That is almost as long as a school bus!

Born Free are focussed on protecting orca’s as they are under threat from habitat pollution, fishing nets, and in some locations a lack of food due to overfishing. In addition, there has for many years been a practice of taking orcas from the wild to be kept in cramped conditions in captivity for entertainment. Born Free are passionately opposed to that practice and work to educate against it.

When you adopt an orca through Born Free funds from your adoption will help the Born Free-supported Orcalab, which monitors wild populations. By better understanding orca behaviour, their future can be better protected.

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Born Free supports conservation, education and community engagement with regards to protecting animals and their natural habitats. They want a future where animals can thrive in the wild. To achieve this they need your help.
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