Pile of Poo
Pile of Poo

Pile of Poo

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We all have a friend with that “quirky” sense of humour. In fact, it may even be you? Well, this pile of poo is sure to delight rather than annoy as it will help those in poverty to put food on their table!

This  charity gift card provides training in effective, eco-friendly composting – to help people grow more food to eat and sell. Living in poverty, families can struggle to put food on the table and support their loved ones. But the chance to earn a decent income can change everything – and help people to beat poverty for good.

Buy Online: oxfam.org.uk

Oxfam is a global movement. It is made up of people numbering millions all of whom believe that poverty is not something that needs to exist in a world that is resource rich.
Reg Charity Number: 202918