Sponsor A Puppy Oscar
Sponsor A Puppy Oscar

Sponsor A Puppy Oscar

from £5.00/mth
What you get
  • Receive a fantastic welcome pack, comprising a sponsorship certificate you can hang proudly on your wall and regular updates and pics.
  • Plus you will also get a super cute, cuddly toy dog!
Gift description

Oscar’s confidence knows no bounds. He’s so self-assured. As soon as he sees you, he flips over for a belly rub or ten. He stares into the distance, contemplating his future as a life-changing hearing dog, with his legs splayed at different angles. How could you resist?

Or, if he’s not in a belly-rubby mood, he’ll let you massage his ears. And what ears! They feel wonderful as you play with them between your fingers and you both… start to… feel quite… sleeeepy… He’s fun, he’s cuddly, he’s full of self-belief and he loves life.

How will Oscar’s combination of curiosity and confidence help him learn? Exactly how long could he have belly rubs or ear massages for? And which deaf person will Oscar help, by completely changing their lives for the better?

Sponsor Oscar today and find out!

Buy Online: donate.hearingdogs.org.uk

Hearing Dogs For Deaf People
Hearing Dogs train clever dogs to assist hearing-impaired people to reconnect with life. Today there are more than 1,000 dogs that have been partnered with deaf people across the UK.
Reg Charity Number: 293358
Hearing Dogs For Deaf People

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