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Whether you choose to sponsor a puppy with Guide Dogs or buy gifts from their Dogalogue shop, you will be providing much-needed funds to help train these amazing animals.

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Guide Dogs

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180,000 people with sight loss rarely leave home alone. Every pound raised by Guide Dogs makes a difference to people in the UK living with sight loss.
Guide Dogs

Sponsor a Puppy with Guide Dogs and

Give Freedom to
Someone with Sight Loss

Real help for the visually impaired

A small monthly donation or the purchase of a gift sponorshup will help to train a puppy and turn it into an adult with all the skills necessary to enable the blind or partially sighted to get so much more out of life.

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Inspirational gifts

By sponsoring a puppy as a gift from Guide Dogs, not only will the recipient feel really happy that you were thinking of them, they will also be thrilled to know they were the inspiration for a donation to a great cause that needs our support.

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Follow the amazing journey

When you Sponsor a Puppy with Guide Dogs, not only will you be doing a good deed that directly helps someone who needs it, you get to follow the amazing journey your puppy takes as it trains to become a fully qualified guide dog. It’s a great way to do something positive and have fun at the same time.

Charity Gifts from Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs

Registered UK Charity Number: 209617

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About Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs helps people with visual impairments by training puppies to become fully-fledged working animals that enable partially sighted or blind people to get around.

The charity enables the visually impaired to live a life of freedom and mobility. Guide Dogs also campaigns for the rights of people that are blind or partially sighted. It helps educate the general public about eye care whilst directly funding research into eye disease.

The charity has been expertly breeding and training guide dogs for over three-quarters of a century. Guide Dogs has provided thousands of dogs to visually impaired people of all ages and backgrounds.

Campaigning and lobbying

Guide Dogs works with adults and children that are visually impaired to deliver confidence building rehabilitation services which can include anything from long cane mobility training to daily living skills.

For thousands of people throughout the country, visual impairment is simply a fact of life. As the population grows older, an increasing number of people will experience loss of sight in the future.

Guide Dogs is preparing for this by campaigning with visually impaired people for the kind of rights many people take for granted. The charity works closely with owners of guide dogs, service providers and Members of Parliament and has won many significant victories and successfully lobbied to influence policy and legislation.