Cruelty in a Concrete Jungle

WSPA launched the Cruelty in a Concrete Jungle campaign in January 2012. They are calling for Boris Johnson to recognise the importance of the Metropolitan Police Wildlife Crime Unit (WCU) and to fund their work.

Boris will make his next budget announcement in April 2013 and WSPA want him to commit to properly resource the Wildlife Crime Unit within the Metropolitan Police. As the Mayor of London, Boris is responsible for the work of the Metropolitan Police.

Why is the Metropolitan Police Wildlife Crime Unit (WCU) Important?

  • London is a major destination point for wildlife trade products.
  • Live animals such as turtles and birds are brought into pet trade both legally and illegally.
  • Animal products such as ivory and bear bile medicine are transported into the country against international legislation.
  • Wildlife products come from Asia, Africa and South America where animals are caught from their natural habitats. The demand for exotic pets, traditional medicine and bush meat fuels the supply.

Wildlife crime isn’t however something that only involves far away countries but one that happens to our national wild animals too. Wildlife officers in London encounter poisoning of foxes, disturbing and killing of wild birds and bats on a regular basis.

The WSPA and WCU partnership ensures full functioning of the unit so it can properly investigate and prosecute wildlife crime against all animals. This is one of the many ways WSPA helps to protect animals.

Image Copyright:  Christopher Ratcliffe/WSPA