Help Unicef Raise Money By Mining Crypto

ukraine crisis

Unicef has started to raise money in a similar fashion to the way SETI@Home searches for extra-terrestrial intelligence. The children’s aid agency of the United Nations is trying to use cryptocurrency mining to raise much needed funding. Unicef, in a bid to raise funding for children who live in conflict ridden Syria is asking gamers, fans of e-sports and people who have computers with powerful graphics cards to help it in its endeavour to mine the cryptocurrency Ethereum.

Game Chaingers

Unicef has named the project Game Chaingers and all you need to do if you want to help the agency raise money is visit the website and provide with a few details about your system so that the mining software can be configured for your PC and installed. Game Chaingers will make use of your graphics card to mine Ethereum which will be deposited in Unicef’s account immediately. It goes without saying that the more people who participate the more money Unicef will be able to raise. In fact, if enough people join the effort a considerable sum could be raised.

Unicef needs alternative sources of funding

Unicef says the project was born from the necessity to find now sources of income since most of its donors are aged over 50 already. By asking younger people to donate their PC’s processing power instead of straight out asking for cash, it is possible for people to give to charity even when they otherwise would not.

No need to worry about extra electricity consumption

When asked whether running the program would result in higher than normal electricity consumption, the children’s aid agency responded that it would not. This is because the process that takes place is not quite the same as mining cryptocurrency on your own. Unicef only borrows part of your processing power and only asks that people participate briefly and punctually. This means if the only thing that is stopping you from helping this charity raise money is concerns about energy use of the environment, then you have nothing to worry about whatsoever.