Help WSPA Save Dogs Lives and Stop Rabies

Around 20 million dogs are brutally killed each year, that’s 30 every minute.

One of the excuses for this cruelty is fear of rabies. But mass killing of dogs does not stop this disease. Mass vaccination does.

Watch their short video to find out more about the campaign and how you can help.

Support WSPA’s Collars not Cruelty campaign

WSPA’s Collars not Cruelty campaign aims to show the world that mass culling of dogs is not the answer to stopping the spread of rabies. Mass vaccination is.

In Bali, WSPA vaccinated and saved the lives of 300,000 dogs, but there is still so much more to do and the Collars not Cruelty campaign is being taken to other parts of the world. In Bangladesh, the government has asked for WSPA’s help. They need your support to help vaccinate 70% of the dogs in each area. If this doesn’t happen, the government could return to culling. The mass vaccination solution works and WSPA urgently needs your help.