Highlights Of This Year’s National Trust Cultural Programme

Highlights Of This Year’s National Trust Cultural Programme

This year the National Trust has a new cultural offering that features a number of heritage celebrations, art exhibitions and other events. The organisation will restore and re-interpret some of the country’s most famous sites so that visitors of any age will be able to develop a deeper understanding of their histories. John Orna-Ornstein of the National Trust says he would like thee organisation to provide as many people as possible with the opportunity to feel welcome and connected to the sites that it manages. Here are the cultural highlights for 2019:

People’s Landscapes – nationwide

This programme takes its inspiration from the 200th anniversary of the Peterloo Massacre in Manchester. It will feature a number of events activities throughout the UK and visitors will have the opportunity to explore historic landscapes that were the sites where people gathered to demand dramatic social change.

Sutton Hoo – Suffolk

In 1939 this Anglo-Saxon shipwreck and all its treasures was discovered by archaeologists. The site has been transformed so that visitors of any age will be able to develop a better understanding of its history and hear the stories that have transfixed people all over the world. There are new spaces for exhibitions and installations plus a 17-metre high viewing tower which will be a wonderful experience for anyone who visits.

Calke Abbey – Derbyshire

Calke Abbey has an intriguing story has been built around the Harpur-Crewe family known to be both reclusive and socially isolated. Despite that reputation the latest research has shone new light on their lives. The research reveals very interesting and genuinely surprising stories of love, compassion and kindness as well the more well-known ones regarding isolation and loneliness. This property will be open to visitors who can use the opportunity to explore these themes through the stories of six household members including immersive indoor and outdoor experiences.

Rainham Hall-London

Anthony Denney was a 20th century British icon and his contribution to design is being celebrated this year at Rainham Hall which is his form home. Denney was an influential tastemaker, a talented photographer who worked for British Vogue, an interior designed and an art collecter. The exhibition at Rainham House will be presented as if it were a magazine with the intent of showcasing Denney’s multi-faceted career with spaces devoted to fashion, jewellery, arts, interiors, food and travel.

Powis Castle – Powys

This year is the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the Second Anniversary. To mark this important moment in history Powis Castle will be celebrating its past when it served as a refuge for a girl’s school over the course over the war. For the first time, the top floor of the castle will be open to the general public and the rooms will be transformed in to dormitories the girls used to stay in with access to original photographs and audio recordings.