Adopt A Penguin
Adopt A Penguin

Adopt A Penguin

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What you get
  • A gift pack including a cuddly penguin toy.
  • Two exclusive magazines delivered three times a year.
  • Free delivery within 3 business days.
Gift description

The Adelie penguins live in one of the harshest regions in the world, with temperatures reaching an unbelievable -40c! Thankfully, their oiled feathers provide up to 90% thermal insulation, but as global warming continues to increase, penguin colonies begin to decline. When you adopt a penguin with WWF, you are funding their work with the world’s governments to reduce gas emissions, The aim is to prevent the serious consequences that will be felt across the globe, not just by penguins, but by humans too.

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The world’s largest conservation charity works to preserve the environment and animals that live in the wild. Its mission is to ensure that a world is created where every species can thrive together with humans. Adopt an animal and help WWF to protect these amazing species.
Reg Charity Number: 1081247

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