Sponsor a Puppy Sandie
Sponsor a Puppy Sandie

Sponsor a Puppy Sandie

from £3.00/mth
What you get
  • For just £3 a month and you will receive a fantastic welcome pack, comprising a sponsorship certificate you can hang proudly on your wall and regular updates and pics.
  • When you donate £5 a month or more, you also get a cute, cuddly toy dog.
Gift description

Sandie is a hurricane. She always ‘helps’ with getting her food ready. Then she spins round with excitement because food’s coming her way. Then she dashes headlong into the kitchen, which is tiled, so she skids towards the bowl and… well, you can guess the rest. Sandie also has plenty of other cute puppy traits. She’s keen on collecting slippers.

She loves to stretch out in sunny, warm patches on the carpet. She enjoys saying hello to people on walks (and be told how beautiful she is). And she adores snuffling around in the garden. All together now: “Awwwww!”

Will Sandie ever perfect that skid into the kitchen, or will the food always go everywhere? How many slippers do you think she can collect in one day? What lies ahead in her training, so that one day she’ll help a deaf person to feel loved, not lonely? Sponsor Sandie today and find out!

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Hearing Dogs For Deaf People
Hearing Dogs train clever dogs to assist hearing-impaired people to reconnect with life. Today there are more than 1,000 dogs that have been partnered with deaf people across the UK.
Reg Charity Number: 293358
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