Sponsor A Puppy With Guide Dogs

Guide dogs does some really important work helping people who are visually impaired. The charity equips people who need them with a fully trained working guide dog so they can lead a much fuller life. This is not an easy task. Guide Dogs needs to start training their dogs from when they are a puppy. This takes a lot of time and money. By sponsoring a puppy from Guide Dogs, you will be enabling someone with a visual impairment to lead a life full of freedom and mobility.

You can choose your puppy

There are three puppies to choose from. Buddy is a cross between a Labrador and Golden Retriever and is simply adorable. Berry is a female Labrador puppy who is extremely bubbly and loves to wag her tail and Joy who is also a Labrador-Golden Retriever Cross. Joy loves to play with her toys and having her tummy tickled.

It doesn’t cost much

Guide Dogs has provided thousands of visually impaired people with fully trained dogs over the years and recipients come from all ages and backgrounds. You can sponsor a puppy for as little as £5.00 a month. If that isn’t enough to convince you, then check out this video of Buddy playing and learning.

Sponsor a puppy with Guide Dogs