WSPA Concern as Bullfighting Continues in Mexico

WSPA charity officials are disappointed that a sub-committee of the Mexico City Assembly has not pushed through their proposed anti bullfighting legislation, claiming that it is ‘not a priority’. It appeared on first glance that Mexico City was to follow in the footsteps Europe and Latin America to ban bullfighting, but there appears to be no rush to put the ban into place.

Alejandra Barrales, President of the Government Commission, has now seen the assembly fail to accept within the proposed deadline, which comes as a major disappointment to those that want to end this cruel sport. WSPA will continue to work closely with local organisations and it’s citizens to continue to put pressure on the authorities to end this cruel spectacle once and for all.

Programs Manager of WSPA in Central America, Marcela Vargas, said –

WSPA is deeply disappointed in the Mexico City Assembly’s decision to ignore civil society’s will to end an activity that causes unnecessary pain and death to thousands of bulls and horses across the globe. By preventing their society from progressing to a modern culture, free from cruelty, they are supporting an ever dwindling group of supporters at the cost of their international reputation.

The Mexico City Assembly will have another chance to amend this law again in September 2012, let’s hope they make it a priority this time before more animals are unnecessarily killed for ‘sport’.

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